Luxury automobiles are not only expensive; they are often packed with features that are often unattainable to the common, everyday commuter. The new BMW 7 series is no exception. Considering the fact that several limos are the current model 7 series, this new, large luxury sedan is sure to become a fleet favorite for limousine companies across the U.S.

At launch, BMW will offer its limousine in two models, the $81,300 740i and the $97,400 750i xDrive. BMW also plans to add a plug-in hybrid option later next year. In maintaining its luxurious persona, the new 7 series will only come to the a long-wheelbase version. Apart from a little additional leg room, BMW has added what it calls the Executive Lounge Seating Package. This package includes a 42.5 degree reclining rear seat with a footrest that reveals itself from the back of the front passenger seat. In addition, the rear center console has a tablet that allows those being chauffeured to control everything from the typical stereo and A/C settings to the not so typical massage seats, color changing LED sunroof, and cabin fragrance settings.

The technology also extends beyond the back seat to the driver. In order to ensure that everyone reaches their destination safely, the new 7 series has several safety features, some previously seen and others not. Two features already present in luxury vehicles today are heads-up-displays that reflect all vital information on the windshield, and automatic cruise control that can bring the car to a full stop and get it rolling again in traffic. Some of the never before seen features include gesture controls that allow the driver to control the radio and take or decline calls with a wave of a hand.

Before entering the vehicle, BMW’s technology is evident in its new display key as well. What essentially appears to be a small smartphone, the new key, which features a full color touchscreen, allows owners to control just about every aspect of the car from afar. In addition, the key allows owners to park the car without a driver with the simple push of a button.