The elderly may experience abuse in the nursing home. There are many reasons why that is just tragic. First, why would a nursing home encourage or tolerate a hostile environment? Second, why would a nursing staff, patient, visitor, or anybody else in the nursing home abuse an elderly? Third, why target a person who is likely unable to defend himself or herself, or tell his or her situation to an authority?

Nursing home abuse is just outright immoral. But it is good to know that, according to the website of Evans Moore, those who have been victims of nursing home abuse may take legal action against the responsible party.

But if the elder cannot tell his or her situation to another, how can one know that he or she has been experiencing abuse? It is important to know the different kinds of abuse that can be experienced in a nursing home, together with their signs, so you yourself can determine if your loved one is in a vile situation.

  • Physical Abuse – Receiving incidental force from another. Signs include abrasions, bruises, cuts, and other unexplained wounds
  • Sexual Abuse – Receiving unwanted sexual contact from another. Signs include anal or genital problems such as bleeding, infections, soreness, and sexually transmitted diseases
    • Emotional/Psychological Abuse – Receiving intimidating actions from another, usually with the intention to threaten or reduce self-worth. Signs include depression, lack of appetite, social withdrawal, and other sudden changes in attitude and mood

What makes these abusive behaviors even worse is that they can create ripple effects. The abuse doesn’t just end with physical wounds, because they are almost always accompanied by emotional and psychological reactions, such as post-traumatic stress disorders. These responses can be detrimental to their health, resulting into weight loss, worsening of medical conditions, and rising of new conditions.

These derogatory actions against the elderly are not going to stop soon. The website of the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD. has mentioned that 36% of American nursing homes have violated elderly abuse laws, and that percentage may even be significantly higher because of the lack of reporting.

It is sad to think that a nursing home, a place where the elderly will get the treatment he or she deserves, is actually the place where he or she will experience mistreatment, resulting into unwarranted physical and mental harm.